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Everything you could ever want at a Shotgun facility!
Trap, Skeet + MORE…

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In Bunker, also known as International Trap, there are five shooting stations. However, while an American trap house holds one oscillating trap machine, a bunker trap house contains 15 fixed traps (the machines do not oscillate). At all five Bunker Trap shooting stations, a target is thrown from any of the three traps directly in front of a shooter. In addition, Bunker Trap targets fly at wider angles than American Trap, up to 45 degrees, and may also be thrown 0 to 3 meters high. Each shooter gets the same targets during a round of 25, but doesn’t know in what sequence the targets will be thrown. The main difference between the two shotgun games, however, is target speed (80-100 mph). Another difference in Bunker Trap is that a shooter is allowed a second shot at the same target if he misses with the first.  We challenge you to hit all 25!


Among the many shotgun sports at Prairie Grove are the six regulation skeet fields where shooters break clay targets from two fixed stations at high speed from a variety of angles. On these fields we are able to throw American skeet, International skeet, and Modern skeet. All our skeet fields are lighted for night shooting.


We throw American Trap, Doubles Trap, and Modified International Trap. In American Trap, you shoot at targets moving away from you at predictable angles.  In Doubles Trap, as the name suggests, two targets are released simultaneously and one shot is taken at each. Our trap fields are lighted for night shooting.

Sporting Clays

We can challenge you or let you off easy, depending on whether you choose the “No Whining” or the “Whining” course. We have a wide range of target presentations with over 48 shooting stations on two separate courses. You can shoot over water, under a tower, from a variety of decks, in the woods, or in the meadow.

5-Stand + Mini Clays

We offer two 5-stand courses with a variety of changing targets.  Our mini-clays present a unique shooting experience over a small lake with 5 shooting stations and 8-10 traps. This 25-bird course offers the convenience of 5-stand with the variety of a sporting clays course. Both our 5-stand and mini-clays are lighted for night shooting.

Tower Classic

Our Tower is a 90 foot tall custom design with 21 throwers set at various heights to give even the most experienced shooters a challenge. Schedule time to come shoot clays and have fun at this unique experience.

Pheasant Chucker

This 25 target challenge can be shot as an individual or a two person team. An oscillating trap thrower dispenses left, right, or outward; where a one-of-a-kind custom 360 degree trap thrower mimics the erratic pheasant’s flight. Come try out this unique challenge!

Pistol/Rifle Range


$5 Daily fee. Requires a Range Officer when shooters are present. The 100 yard range is open during normal business hours. The 200 and 300 yard benches are open upon appointment.


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